Holy Grail(holy这首歌中文歌)

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Holy Grail(holy这首歌中文歌)摘要: Holy GrailJay-Z ft Justin TimberlakeYou take the clothes off my back 你褪下我的衣裳And I let you...

Holy GrailJay-Z ft Justin Timberlake

You take the clothes off my back 你褪下我的衣裳And I let you 我不做声You steal the food right out of my mouth 你从我嘴边窃取食物And I watch you eat it 我看着你品尝I still don't know why 却依然不知Why our love is so much 为何我们的爱如此深厚Oh…You curse my name 你咒骂着我的名In spite to put me to shame 让我羞愧难当Air all my laundry in the streets 在大街小巷曝光我的衣物Dirty or clean 不分净丑Give it up for fame 为名声欢呼喝彩But I still don't know why 却依然不知Why I love it so much 我为何如此爱它Yeah

And Baby 宝贝It's amazing I'm in this maze with you 不可思议的是 我为你陷落迷津I just can't crack the code 我看不穿One day you screaming you love me loud 有天你尖叫着爱我The next day you're so cold 隔天却冷若寒冰One day you here, one day you there, one day you care 你一时在这 一时在那 一时在乎You're so unfair sipping from the cup 你如此不公 端(圣)杯酌饮Till it runneth over, Holy Grail 享受至极 圣杯

Blue told me to remind you niggas Blue(女儿)让我提醒你们黑鬼Fuck that shit y'all talk about 去他的 你们说的都是废话I'm the nigga, caught up in all these lights and cameras 我就是那黑鬼 交织在灯光与镜头间But look what that shit did to Hammer 可是 瞧这东西对Hammer(红极一时的黑人歌手,最终破产)做了什么God damn it I like it 该死 我就是喜欢这样The bright lights is enticing 强光如此诱惑But look what it did to Tyson 可是 瞧它对Tyson做了什么All that money in one night 一夜暴富30 mill for one fight 一场拳击换下三千万美元But soon as all the money blows 但只要钱财不再All the pigeons take flight 白鸽自是逃离(鸽子是Tyson的挚爱)

Fuck the fame, keep cheating on me 该死的名声 一再出卖着我What I do, I took her back, fool me twice 而我却把她带回身边 一再愚弄自己That's my bad, I can't even blame her for that 都是我的错 我无法责怪她Enough to make me wanna murder 这足以让我想谋杀Momma please just get my bail 妈妈帮我保释吧I know nobody to blame 没有人可以怪罪Kurt Cobain, I did it to myself 我对着自己Kurt Cobain(摇滚歌手,自杀身亡)

And we all just entertainers 我们只是艺人And we're stupid, and contagious 我们愚钝 我们蔓延And we all just entertainers 我们只是艺人

Now I got tattoos on my body 我带着纹身Psycho bitches in my lobby 休息室有神经质的婊子I got haters in the paper 报纸上有恨我的人Photo shoots with paparazzi 和狗仔同照Can't even take my daughter for a walk 却无法带女儿散步See them by the corner store 在街角店遇见他们I feel like I'm cornered off 我只觉被逼至绝路Enough is enough 够了I'm calling this off 我叫停Who the fuck I'm kidding though? 我他妈在开谁的玩笑?I'm getting high 我正过瘾Sitting low 低坐着Sliding by 滑过人群In that big body 在那硕大的车身里Curtains all in my window 帷幕紧闭This fame hurt 名声伤人But this chain works 可这枷锁有效I think back 我回想You asked the same person 你曾问同一个人If this is all you had to deal with 这就是你要面对的一切吗Nigga deal with it, this shit ain't work 黑鬼处理好它 这东西没用This light work 而灯光奏效Camera snapping, my eyes hurt 镜头猛闪 刺痛了我的眼睛Nigga dying back where I was birthed 黑鬼在出生之地渐渐死去Fuck your iris and IRS 去他的虹膜 干你的国税局Get the hell up off of your high horse 别给我高高在上You got the shit that nigga die for 你们有黑鬼想要的玩意Dry yours 别玩假慈悲(应该和crocodile tears有关 译者揣测的 欢迎讨论)Why you mad 为什么生气Take the good with the bad 学着把好坏一并承受Don't throw that baby out with the bath water 坏事里总有好事You're still alive 你还活着Still that nigga 你还是那个黑鬼You survived 你存活了过来You still getting bigger nigga 黑鬼 你还在成长Living the life 生活着Vanilla wafers 香草味酥饼In a villa 在郊区别墅Illest nigga alive 病态黑鬼存活着Michael Jackson thriller MJ的惊悚片

BridgeYou get the air of my lungs whenever you need it 只要你想 你可以随时让我窒息take the blade right out of my heart just so you can watch me bleeding 将利刃从我的心口拔出 只为看我血流不止i still don't know why 我却依然不知yeaand you play this game in spite to drive me insane 而你如此游戏 只为让我发狂i got it tatooed on my sleeve forever in ink with guess who's name 我将之纹身于袖 在永远的墨色下 猜猜是谁的名字but i still don't know why 我却依然不知our love is so much 为何我们的爱如此深厚

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